Makadiff Sports is a provincewide not-for-profit organization created to encourage the growth and development of amateur sport through financial support of worthy innovative initiatives. 

Makadiff Sports is about “striving to make a difference to and through community sport.” This organization is founded on the belief that sport can be better, that status quo is not an option in light of the growing number of inactive, sedentary and disengaged citizens. 

Makadiff Sports wants to engage with stakeholders who share our desire to challenge current views and approaches in community sport development and pursue better outcomes. In particular, Makadiff Sports sees a compelling need to propel improvements in the early developmental and mass participation aspects of community sport. 

Makadiff Sports has corporately endorsed the following vision and mission statements:  

Our Vision: Citizens... actively & happily engaged in sport... for life!

Our Mission: To support innovative growth and development of community sport.

The Grassroutes Community Sport Innovation Challenge is our major funding initiative. The Challenge will award grants to deserving organizations with fresh ideas for taking community sport in positive new directions with the goal of enhancing access, active participation and positive experiences.


The Makadiff Sports Board of Directors is pleased to announce the following as approved grant recipients under the 2019 Grassroutes Community Sport Innovation Challenge Program:

The Makadiff Sports Board of Directors through this grant funding looks forward to these successful project undertakings during 2019/20 and, in so doing, is excited about 'making a difference' in community sport development and delivery.

PLEASE NOTE:  A sincere thank you to all those other organizations and agencies that submitted grant applications under the 2019/20 Grassroutes Community Sport Innovation Challenge Program! We wish you all every success with your worthy project endeavours. Please continue to monitor the Makadiff Sports website ( for future 2020 Challenge grant program announcements.